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Dead on Arrival is currently recruiting the following:
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Dead on Arrival
Raiding & Social Guild
Quel'Thalas EU


DoA is recruiting active raiders For ICC 25

5k+ Gearscore
Ventrilo + Mic
Skills & Experiance
Threat Meter
Deadly Boss Mod

We are looking to recruit mature players at least 18+. If you are a casual player and dont want to take part in the raids just yet then thats your fine. We want to expand the guild in a way that will create a large casual/social group upon which we can build a committed raiding team for events that will progress through to the end game content.

Please sign to the forum using your character name!!

If your serious about joining and raiding with this guild then please signup to the guild forum. When you have signed up please leave a introduction post in the "Introduce youself" thread. Doing this will show that you have at least some commitment to progress with DoA.

When applying for membership with DoA please state how active and the times you are able attend. We are looking for players that can fit into our raid rotation as the times for raids listed below will be set in stone untill the next expansion is available.

How active are you?

Knight Rank is for the more progressive of our members and has a stronger more regular event rotation in ICC spread over four consecutive nights starting from reset day.

    This raid is ideal for you if you could be active for those four nights (wed - thur - mon - tues).     Starting with a dedicated group of 10 then eventaully running a second 10 man team alongside     with the aim of merging the two into a full 25 man event.

Lance Rank is for the casual raider, This is ideal for players who can attend only two raids a week. This Rank will be considired as the reserve pool for Kngihts rank and you may be asked to fill slots for ICC on some occasions.

Soldiers Rank is the majority on casual players and socialites and players still leveling their chars.

Scout Rank is for the members who are on trial. Players who wish to stay after 2 weeks will promoted to Soldier Rank.

When you join Dead on Arrival please dont expect to raid the same day or even during your first week of being a member. We have had alot of members in the past join and when they dont go raiding the same day or even week they leave the guild.
Please dont expect to raid on the first day or week. We want mature people who can understand that we need to get to know you and will not gear you up just so you can FO to another guild
and do the same there. We have a set raid schedule on our calendar that we hope to maintain.



New members at low level please dont expect to be helped by level 80 guild members. Try and create groups with other
players in the guild around the same level as yourself. If a level 80 player has nothing to do and wants to help then
thats fair do's but please remember not to spam guild channel with continuous help requests thankyou.

NO Gold Begging. If your the sort of person to ask for gold within a couple of weeks of being in a guild you have
NO CHANCE of any so DONT ASK please!. Some guild members may give out loans after a long long time of
membership, commitment and friendship so there is no point in asking in guild channel, if you do you will be
considered with little respect.

Spamming guild chat with macros.
NO Argueing with other members.
NO Swearing at other members.
NO Name calling or insulting other members.
NO Racist comments/remarks or jokes.

DO not make DoA look Bad!
You represent DoA so be cool with other players i dont want
mails from other guild members about members actions towards other players and guilds.
Guild News
Other Guild News

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illuminatius, May 26, 10 4:35 AM.
Raiding Night's.
All raid times are realm time not local time.

ICC 10

Mon: 21:00 - 23:00 - Ice Crown Citadel 10
Tue:  21:00 - 23:00 - Ice Crown Citadel 10
Wed: 21:00 - 23:00 - Ice Crown Citadel 10
Thu:  21:00 - 23:00 - Ice Crown Citadel 10

To be able to raid you need the following:
Ventrilo + Mic
Omen Threat Meter
Deadly Boss Mod




This raid is spread over four nights a week starting fresh on the Wednesday and is open to Knight Ranks only.

This is a list of our projected targets nights for ICC 10
Our aim is to be able to bring this down to two wings per night and kill Arthas on the third.

After establishing a regular 10 man team for this raid we will run another 10 man alongside
until the we are able to merge both teams into one dedicated 25 man ICC team.

LOWER SPIRE: Wednesday Raid. (Instance Reset)

Tactics for Lord Marrowgar.   

Tactics for Lady Deathwhisper.   
Tactics for Gunship Battle.
Tactics for Deathbringer Saurfang.   

Thursday Raid.

Tactics for Festergut.

Tactics for Rotface.

Tactics for Professor Putricide.


Tactics for Blood Prince Council. Valanar, Keleseth and Taldaram

Tactics for Blood-Queen Lana'thel.


Tactics for Valithria Dreamwalker.

Tactics for Sindragosa.

THE FROZEN THRONE: Tuesday raid.

Tactics for The Lich King.
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